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Verleihungsrede 2018: Luca Dal Monte

Dear Luca,

you’ve been an important part of Animals´ Angels. It has been nearly ten years since the adventure with you began. It all started in a police station during a training held by Christine. The practical purpose of the course was to train as many police officials as possible to check and fine animal transports on the roads. Our unspeakable hope was to convey a different way to view the animals inside the trucks – with the eyes of love. And reality overtook our expectations: who would ever have imagined finding a new Angel among the police forces?

Ingenuity has always been your trademark, together with perseverance. When you have an idea, there is no social convention, unwritten rule or hierarchical limit that scares you or makes you hesitate. When you started writing letters to your superiors, aiming at creating a working group of experts on road-checks on animal transports, we used to smile, thinking how naive you were to believe and to hope that it became real. We also believed it was naive of you – and a bit dangerous – to declare in front of all your colleagues that animals are friends and not food.

But in 2014, the Italian Ministry of Internal Affairs established a group of police-experts in animal transports, of which you are now part, with the aim to train your colleagues. Thanks to your relentlessness, Italy can boast to have one of the most dedicated police bodies for animal transport checks. You went very far and today, you are second in command of the highway police in Legnago near Verona.

Mahatma Gandhi once said a statement that truly fits you: “First they ignore you, than they laugh of you, than they fight you, then you win”.  Animals´ Angels gives you the Julia Award for Courage for your ingenuity that is nothing but the courage to go against the grain – for the animals.