100 Reasons for a new Law to Protect Animals During Transport

EU Regulation 1/2005 fails to adequately protect animals during transport. In our new report 100 Reasons to Revise Council Regulation EC 1/2005, we not only specifically expose the shortcomings of the Regulation on the protection of animals during transport – but also make over 100 specific demands for its current revision.

There is Hope

Finally, the EU Commission wants to revise the law on the protection of animals during transport. In doing so, it is abandoning a position that has been heavily defended for many years: That the full implementation of the current law alone would be sufficient to provide the best possible protection for animals during transport.

But this is wishful thinking we have been denouncing for many years – together with veterinarians, NGOs, EU citizens and the EU Parliament. Instead, the EU needs a new regulation that can really protect the animals! A regulation that is free of vague formulations, contradictions and loopholes, all of which have disastrous consequences for their welfare and health.

100 Reasons

It is paying off that we and so many others have repeatedly called attention to the suffering of animals on transport. So many times that we can easily give the EU Commission for this new law over 100 very good reasons. Over 100 reasons why the revision is so important for the animals. For example, because the transport times are far too long and there is not enough space for the animals. Because the supply of food and water is not reliable and animal transports are allowed to travel in temperatures that are far too high.

With our new report 100 Reasons we provide the EU Commission with a valuable basis for all upcoming decisions. It is based on our twenty years of experience in controlling animal transports and shows the reality for animals on the roads. It refers to new scientific findings and takes into account the first-hand experience of veterinary and police officials, transporters, animal owners and drivers.

100 Demands

But we don't just point out the flaws in the regulation, we also make 100 specific demands for the revised law. The last decades have shown above all that the Regulation must be simpler and easier to enforce. For this, a drastic shortening of animal transports is urgently needed. In addition, the regulation must name many of its contents more clearly and define them more precisely. For example, when it comes to space, the height of the compartments, or specifications for supplying the animals with food and water. It is imperative that the regulation be revised in detail so that it offers the animals the best possible protection.

In addition to the many technical aspects, we demand above all a change in thinking: animals are not commodities! The EU recognizes them as sentient beings. It is high time to follow up this claim with action. The revised regulation must reflect a morally justifiable way of dealing with animals that respects their lives and suffering as sentient beings. The lives and welfare of animals must always take precedence over all economic interests.

Our reort 100 Reasons is part of our project Time to Act for Animals on Transport with which we are advocating for a better EU animal transport regulation.

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