News About our Work for the Animals

We regularly inform about our latest investigations and the developments in our projects for the animals, as well as our fundraising campaigns and events. Below you will find a continuous overview.

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Chicken With Their Legs Tied at Animal Market Makavarapalem India
Stacked Chickens at Animal Market Mediwada, India
VSPCA Meeting the new Director of the Animal Husbandry Deparment in India
We Free the Sheep at Thimitam Market, India
A Goat is Being Transported in a Rickshaw at Thallapalem Animal Market
Selling at Narsipatnam Animal Market
Selling of Cattle at Thumapalla Cattle Market, India
Cattle Being Sold at Jogumpeta Animal Market, India
Animals' Angels Giving a Guest Lecture at Gitam University, India
Animals' Angels Hosting a Workshop for Visitors and Traders at Jogumpeta Animal Market, India
Overloaded Cattle Transport at Vermalapulli Market, India
Calf Shubam, India
Animals' Angels Meeting the Meeting Road Transport Authority in India
Sophie of Animals' Angels Giving a Lecture at Gateway Hotel in Visakhapatnam