Egypt: Two-Day Workshop for Veterinarians with Field Trip to Birqash Camel Market

In Egypt, for the second time, we organize a workshop for young veterinarians about the protection of camels. Together with Prof. Dr. Barabara Padalino, we not only teach the participants how to handle the animals properly, but also stimulate discussion about animal welfare in Egypt. Based on the animal welfare protocol for camels – which we developed together with the University of Bologna – they learn to assess camel welfare conditions according to objective standards. During a field trip to the camel market in Birqash, they learn afterwards to investigate mistakes in the handling of the animals. We hope that in this way we can plant a small seed for better protection of camels in Egypt.

We thank Prof. Padalino for her excellent conduct of the workshop! Her motivating and convincing manner inspired the participants. We also thank Dr. Mohamed Derbala and his team. They provided us with rooms at their equine clinic in Giza.