Greece: Raising awareness of 'farm' animals at pre-school age

 Animal welfare in kindergarten

Animals' Angels is at the Arfara state kindergarten in Greece. We have been invited to hold an animal welfare lesson for 25 pre-school children. The group leader has prepared the children intensively for our visit. Together, they discussed UNESCO's 'Universal Declaration of Animal Rights' and created a small exhibition about all the animals that the children have at home.

We talk to the children about the needs of 'farm' animals in an age-appropriate way and playfully explain the topic of animal transport. One preschooler had the great idea that pigs need to be offered a trough during a break in transport so that they can cool down and recover. With the help of a bowl of water and a plastic pig, we put this into practice with the children.

At the end, the group prepared a surprise: The group leader has translated our children's song 'Dreamer' into Greek and rehearsed it with the children! With great enthusiasm, the group performs the song about the 'farm' animals that have similar dreams to us humans. It is a touching moment.

We would like to thank Mrs Lila Makri and her colleague for the invitation and their commitment to sensitising their kindergarten groups to the important topic of animal welfare.