Serbia: Inspection of livestock transport with heavy bulls heading to Kosovo

Livestock transport bulls

An Animals' Angels team inspects animal transports in Serbia. We discovered a transport of heavy bulls coming from Hungary to be transported and slaughtered in Kosovo. They are parked at the Hungarian EU border for 3-5 hours. The animals have no water. A driver shows us that the water tank is empty. There is no way to refill the tank at the border. As there are no shaded areas for the vehicles, the animals are left in the sun - with no opportunity to drink - and the drinking trough in the lorry is also soiled with faeces.

One driver tells us that they will get water at the next rest stop - and we are glad when we actually see them at the next rest stop. The drivers are friendly, but there is not enough bedding for the animals. One of the drivers gives the excuse that the wind has blown away some of the straw and the bulls eat a lot of it. That's true, and it's good that the bulls eat straw and have plenty to eat. But that means you need a bit more bedding.

During a second bull transport, the driver uses a taser on the animals at the border - we can't see if it's on, but we can hear the rumble of the truck. The bulls stand like in a grid, close together, unable to move. This means they can't lie down to rest during the long journey or during the hours-long break at the border.