01.04.2014 | <i>ALPA</i> Produces Animal Welfare Course for Selling Agents

Last year in response to the many welfare issues in saleyards identified by Animals’ Angels the Australian Livestock Property Agents Association or ALPA and Australian Livestock Management produced an animal welfare course for selling agents.

The program which started late March early April 2014 includes an introduction to animal welfare, handling, and transportation, loading and unloading of farmed animals, appropriate facilities, euthanizing sick and injured animals and basic animal welfare assessments

Animals’ Angels were also asked to review and endorse the programme. We did assess the course and made a small number of recommendations, and in principle provided our endorsement:

Animals' Angels are pleased to see that ALPA is taking positive steps toward the improvement of animal welfare and we would encourage all industry participants to support their efforts in this regard. We wish both ALPA and industry participants success in achieving any welfare objectives that the course has been designed to assist with and look forward to the implementation of any improvements.

It is our hope that animals will benefit from the education provided in the ALPA training course and Animals' Angels congratulate them for taking this positive initiative.