01.07.2016 | Large Scale Investigation at the Bulgarian-Turkish Border

Animals‘ Angels follows a truck carrying pregnant heifers from Estonia going from the border post at Kapikule to the customs point at Ankara. One of the calves recently born on board the vehicle did not survive the journey. On Friday morning, another heifer gives birth.

At the customs point in Ankara, the team spots another truck with pregnant heifers coming from Estonia. Also in this truck there is a new born calf on board. Another one was born last night – due to complications during birth a driver had to pull the calf out of his mother – it died shortly afterwards. There is no veterinarian nearby to get a hold on.

Both trucks are unloaded in a stable 200 km south-east of Ankara where two more heifers give dead birth. The drivers tell our team that at the control post in Romania some unfit or dead animals were already unloaded.