01.08.2015 | Animal Day 2015, Pancota Animal Market

This time in Romania, Animals’ Angels hosts the Animal Day 2015. Together with a veterinarian and a farrier of the Romanian organization Asociata pentru Bunăstarea Cailor & Progressive Ideas, we visit Pancota animal market. We know well the market and the existing problems and that the fate of the animals at Pancota can only be changed in the long term. To do so, we have been in contact with the competent authorities.

But today it is not our priority to document deficiencies or to note and report infringements. Today we are here to take time for each individual animal we meet at the market. We want to bring them relief and treat them with love and respect.

Equipped with buckets, first-aid kits, apples and carrots, brushes, halters and new bits for the 'work' horses, we arrive at the market early in the morning. At 30°C, the animals are exposed to the sun without protection. We water and feed them, loosen short ropes, free shackled ankles and replace old, unfitting bits while Eva and Florin treat wounds and perform hoof corrections for the 'carriage' horses.

Every single animal touches our heart; the piglets lying outstretched in the shadow after we have freed them out of the plastic bags their owners have put them into; Carlo, the tall stallion, who empties several buckets of water; Cow Karla who visibly enjoys to be cleaned with a massage brush, and all the other animals we came to know at Pancota. We will not forget them.