04.06. – 09.06.2012 | Holland - England

Animals’ Angels is working on behalf of lactating cows in Holland. Animals’ Angels escorts a transport taking lactating cows and heifers to England from an inspection station in Holland. The route includes a 9-hour ferry crossing. The transporter stands on the outer deck during stormy weather. One of the young cows bellows and calls continuously. The crew is notified by Animals’ Angels and trivializes the incident. On arrival at the port the lactating cows have been on the truck for over 12 hours and must be milked immediately. The animals suffer from stress and exhaustion during long-distance transports and particularly during long ferry crossings. Technical mishaps, inclement weather and unanticipated events can lengthen the transport duration many times over. Pregnant heifers and lactating cows are particularly sensitive and susceptible. Animals’ Angels will advocate for a prohibition on transporting lactating cows along this route and will continue to fight for an end to all long-distance transports.