04.07.2012 | Sweden | Gotland Isle

Animals‘ Angels is honored to be invited to Almedalen Week by Animals Rights Sweden (Djurens Rätt) and Animal Welfare Sweden (Djurskydett). Since 30 years members of Swedish political parties, governmental- and non-governmental organizations meet at Visby, on the isle of Gotland, to participate in seminars and panel discussions.

Animals’ Angels, together with Jens Holm (Swedish Parliamentary), Mattias Gårdlund (Animal welfare inspector of Skåne) and Helena Kättsröm (Swedish Agricultural Ministry) takes part in a seminar about animal transports. They pursue the question how to increase and improve checks on animal transports in Sweden and how to improve the terrible conditions of transported poultry. Animals’ Angels shows documentation material to reveal animal suffering during long distance transports across the EU and to clarify the urgent need of an eight hours limit.

People all over the world are joining their forces, sharing experiences and spreading the truth about animal transport to stop animal suffering.