05.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of Nasaud Animal Market

The first time Animals’ Angels checked the animal market in Nasaud was in May 2013. Pigs, cattle and goats of all ages and horses are sold. The handling was very rough, the transport vehicles were not safe and the facilities were not adequate. Additionally, some horses were forced and beat to drag concrete blocks to show their strength.

Following some meetings with the local authorities, Animals’ Angels was said that another area would be set up for the animals and that more controls would be carried out to improve the conditions of the animals. After that, the area was fenced and the police monitored the market discouraging the people to maltreat the horses.

However, pigs are still grabbed by their legs and put into bags. Calves are tied up by their legs or by their head and forced to bend it on inadequate trucks. Goats and pigs are tied by their legs forced to stay in unnatural and uncomfortable positions for the duration of the market and of the transport from and to it.

Since the animal transport and market legislation is not respected, Animals’ Angels will claim to close this market.