06.06.2014 | Romania, Inspection of a Sheep Transport

It’s very warm near Madaras in the county of Bihor in Romania. The temperature is 29°C when a team of Animals’ Angels spots a truck parked at a gas station in direct sunlight.

Romanian lambs are loaded on four decks. They are all shorn and have some wounds due to the shearing. There’s no trace of any bedding material on the floor and the animals are dirty with their urine and excrements.

Some of them touch the dividers with their backs and heads as they are lifted on the ceiling and are therefore prone to get injured by hitting them during driving. The water supply nipples are turned-on on the vehicle’s right side only. The lambs lick them but they don’t know that nipples have to be pressed to give the water they desperately seek.

The drivers don’t want to give any details. They only say that it will take 14 hours to arrive at the final destination in Greece. They claim to have just started the journey and that the animals were already in these conditions.

The Romanian authorities will be informed about the conditions the animals were in before travelling such a long journey from Romania to Greece. Animals’ Angels will ask once again that competent control bodies do their duties to avoid that such transports are carried out flouting the rules of Regulation 1/2005.