07.02.2016 | Taking Action at Souk El-Had, Skherat

Today, Ali and Habib visit the souk at El-Had, 30 km away from Rabat. The market is as huge as the one in Mers El Kheir. There are cattle, sheep, goats and poultry for sale in addition to second-hand clothes, fruits and vegetables.

Most appalling for Ali and Habib are the conditions inside the slaughterhouse attached to the market, especially its lack of hygiene. As they are not in the position to help the animals inside, they try to help the animals outside at the market. They provide them with water and unburden the ‘working’ animals by taking off their carts and saddles in order to give them a little rest for the remaining time they have to wait at the market.

By its reform scheme “plan vert”, the Moroccan Government aims at the modernization of slaughterhouses including staff training. But a lot of time will pass until these measures will reach the rural areas. Until then, only continual awareness programs and pressuring the government will be of help for the animals.