07.04.2014 | Poland, Farm Inspection

The team of Viva! Poland, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects a farm near Mrozy.

All animals are neglected, skinny and inadequately stabled. The team finds a young, maybe six months old, downer bull hidden in a tiny shed outside the property. The bull, we call him Bobby, is suffering and screaming for help. He is drowning in his own feces and urine, is extremely skinny and has a much enlarged belly. He must have been in that state for at least three days.

The team calls the police, veterinary service and a veterinarian who examines Bobby in detail. He diagnoses strong acidosis caused by him being in downer state for so long. The cause for his weakness is most probably starvation. There is not a slightest chance that Bobby will recover. Together with the veterinarian and the veterinary service, the team decides on euthanasia as the only way to end the bull’s unimaginable suffering and stays there with Bobby until the very end.

The owner will face prosecution.