07.10.2014 | Inspection of Animal Market in Kozlow Biskupi

The Team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, inspects an animal market in Kozlow Biskupi. The team witnesses many cases of violence and improper stabling.

One of the bulls, so terrified by being dragged by aggressive strangers, collapses in the urine drain. The farmers kick and yank him in order to get him up.

In the horse section of the market, a large group of farmers tries to load a horse onto a trailer. Among them, two maybe 10 year old boys, who are as aggressive as their adult companions. They use their whips a lot, even for fun.

A Veterinarian tries to intervene, but as soon as he walks away, the situation continues. Still, the teams feels a little relieved by the sole fact that the Veterinarian even tries to intervene, but the feeling disappears in the very moment the team spots the veterinarian shopping at the general market instead of supervising the sale of animals.

The team will again address the local veterinary service and demand explanations for their unprofessional behavior.