08.- 10.06.2012 | Italien | Spanien

Together with the French organization PMAF and the Spanish organization ANDA, Animals’ Angels escorts a pig transport from Spain to Sicily. En route the temperatures climb to more than 32°C and the 190 pigs can barely stand the heat. The Italian drivers seem completely indifferent; they park the truck in the sun and do not even turn the drinking system on. The pigs pant with wide-open mouths, many are foaming at the mouth. They are penned up, body to body. Many are biting one another, attempting in vain to get a bit of free space as this is the only way they can regulate their body temperatures. After around 37 hours of horror, they arrive at the Sicilian slaughterhouse. All of that for just a cheap piece of “fresh meat” on the plate of a Sicilian or a tourist who, as he enjoys his schnitzel, does no waste a thought on where it comes from.