08.01.2016 | Farm Inspection

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, re-visits a farm in Stanislawow. The situation has not improved but even deteriorated. The animals still lack water and the stabling conditions are very bad. The team orders the owner to water them immediately. Team member Anna says 'I've never seen cows fighting over a small pot of water before. The animals here are seriously neglected.'

The team also finds a dead hen lying around in the yard. The owner explains that she had a broken leg and died after several days. He admits that he had offered her no treatment. In another corner of the yard, the team spots a limping cat. They manage to catch him and discover that one of his limbs is probably broken. The cat is confiscated and taken to a veterinary clinic immediately.

The case is presented to the local authorities who are to decide on the confiscation of all animals. The team also notifies the prosecutor's office and local veterinary service in order for further consequences be drawn.