08.08.2016 | Inspection of Shepparton Saleyard

Animals' Angels attend the sale of approx. 500 calves who will go to either slaughter or to be fattened on farm. We observe very poor handling by selling agents and a driver who use a guiding tool paddle to hit the vulnerable animals on their head, their hips or spine. We asked management to address this behaviour with agents and transporters and stop the hitting of calves. 

We also find a lame sheep in a pen.  The animal has already been sold and it is an offense in Victoria to sell animals who are unfit for sale.  We request management catch the sheep and shoot it.

We also observe a trailer in which two calves are being transported away from the yard. The trailer has no protection against the wind even though it is a legal requirement the animals are given protection against cold and heat.

We will be following up on the hitting of calves with the Agents Assn, Transport Assn, and the regulatory authorities.