09.05.2012 | Spain | Cartagena

Animals’ Angels observes the loading of the animal cargo ship “Princess Hiyam” in the port of Cartagena.  The lambs and young bulls which are to be shipped to Libya come from all over Spain and even from Romania.  The animals are to be slaughtered in Libya.  The Bull Saúl has lost one of his horns during the transport from Toledo to Cartagena.  Through the wound the animal has lost a lot of blood and thus is weakened even before the journey to Libya begins.  The loading takes more than eight hours; the journey will take four days.  This transport shows once again that the animals are considered just a commodity.  Instead of saving the animals the stressful transportation by exporting meat to Libya, the animals are exposed to this suffering for commercial reasons.  This is contradicting the animal welfare requirements in the European Union as laid out in the Treaty of Lisbon.  It is high time that the EU puts a ban on animal transports of more than eight hours.