09.08.2016 | Attending Hamilton Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visits Hamilton saleyard the evening before sale day.

Under the Victorian animal welfare legislation, it is a breach to offer to sell or sell, purchase, drive or convey an animal that appears to be unfit. We identify a sheep arriving off a truck whose head is ‘bobbing’ up and down as he is running, which indicates he may be experiencing foot problems. There is no one on site to inspect and assess each sheep as they arrive and this sheep ‘disappears’ amongst all the others. We look at sheep standing in each pen but as they are still we are unable to find him/her.

We observe unloading of sheep from utility vehicles and trailers and note significant improvements from the last time we attended. Vendors are using the unloading space which is secured to prevent sheep escaping. Also all those who were unloading used the mobile ramp which meant no sheep were forced to jump off the back of a high vehicle.