09.11.2012 | Italy, Verona

Animals’ Angels is present at the workshop organized by the Ministry of Health that deals with the protection of horses. The meeting takes place at the well-known horse fair of Verona that hosts more than 3000 horses and 650 exhibitors.

Dr Gaetana Ferri illustrates the activity of the Ministry to protect horses from diseases while they are farmed, transported and slaughtered. Dr. Luigi Ruocco explains problems and shortcomings of the actual database of horses and how to solve them. Com. Pietro Mercurio tells us about a special body of the Italian police forces, NAS, that fights against animal crimes. Dr Rosalba Matassa talks about a special unit of the Ministry dedicated to fight animal crimes in collaboration with the police forces of NAS. As a special guest of the workshop, Dr Andrew Trawford of the Donkey Sanctuary of the UK tells us about the activity of the organization aimed at training more and more people to deal with donkeys and to better their life in third countries.

A special mention is made of animal protection organizations which have reported to the special unit of the Ministry several cases of maltreatment which could luckily be solved. There's still plenty to do and to improve and Animals' Angels will continue to do its part.