10.05.2014 | Poland, Inspection of Horse Market

Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, inspects the annual horse market in Pajeczno. The market is held within the property of a general market which is not suitable for animal trade. The market lasts for 9 hours during which the animals who had endured long transports get tired and start falling asleep while still standing. Some of them will go all the way to Germany or even Netherlands.

The team witnesses numerous cases of violence in loading horses, many unsuitable transport vehicles and insufficient and unresponsive veterinary supervision. The horses lack water and the majority lack bedding except for a few expensive breeding horses. The team witnesses a veterinarian watching illegal practices without intervening. These include improper handling and animals being loaded into unsuitable vehicles.

Market operator and veterinary service will be notified of the observed law violations.