10.08.2016 | Attending Hamilton Saleyard

Animals’ Angels visits Hamilton saleyard where approx. 3000 sheep are for sale.

Under the Victorian animal welfare legislation, it is a breach to offer to sell or sell, purchase, drive or convey an animal that appears to be unfit. We identify three sheep who are non-weight bearing on one of their legs, who are in sale pens and in our view being offered for sale. We also identify a pen of 10 sheep three of which appear to have lameness but the sheep are moved and we are unable to locate them in the yard.

In a row of pens the gates have been opened and as a result too many sheep gathered, sheep are squashed at one end unable to move. Animals’ Angels get into the pen, make room and lift all sheep so that they are standing. We raise with management the seriousness of putting too many sheep into pens in preparation for collection.