11.05.2016 | Visiting Killafaddy Saleyard

Animals’ angels visit Killafaddy saleyard the day after sale to check that any remaining sheep or cattle have access to water. There are approx. 7 cattle awaiting collection, all look in good condition, and the sheep who are waiting collection are divided into two pens each with water access.

We identify one sheep who was limping, although the reason for the lameness in his left rear leg is not clear without further physical inspection of the animal. We call management for an agent to come to the yard to separate the sheep.

While we are waiting a truck collects one lot of sheep, all appear fit to load. After the agent arrives the remaining pen of around 40 animals is penned in a small area but we cannot locate the sheep with the lame foot. It is possible the animal had a stone between his claw and after moving to the new pen it fell out.