12.04.2015 | "Donkey Rescue" at Sidi Allal Bahraoui Animal Market

Animals’ Angels is there with the animals at Sibi Allal Bahraoui animal market. We distribute animal welfare leaflets and try to discuss them with as many people as possible.

After all leaflets are handed out, we start our "donkey rescue" by providing them with water and taking off their loads and carts while they are parked at the market. With relief, some of them roll over on their back while others leap for the fresh grass around them which was out of reach before. Two donkeys exhibit abrasions caused by their harnesses. We treat their wounds but are unable to alter the harnessess.

When some of the owners return, we explain to them that they shall give their animals some rest while being at the market. None of them are upset and some even express their gratitude. Anyhow, we do not have much hope that they will take off the loads of their animals next Sunday.