12.12.2014 | Inspection of a Fur Farm

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, together with a television crew, inspects a fur farm in Wysokie Mazowieckie. Viva! had been alerted that the farmer was keeping a fox with a severed limb who has not been given any treatment. Unfortunately, due to 'harvest season', the fox has already been slaughtered before the team arrives.

The farm is in a total mess. Slaughtered animals lie around everywhere inside the building. The dead, skinned animals are piled up outside, on plain ground. The live ones are kept in rows of cages, without solid floor. Also, two German Shepherd guard dogs are chained in horrific conditions, without being provided with proper shelter.

The farmer assaults the inspectors, who call the police and the veterinary service. In front of the camera, he admits to have kept a suffering fox for many days, because "consulting a veterinarian would be more expensive than the fox itself."

The veterinary service orders the farmer to remove the skinned corpses immediately and starts an administrative procedure aiming at correcting all found breaches of law and prosecute the farmer. The team will submit a crime report to the local prosecutor.