13.03.2012 | Australia | Ballarat Saleyard, Victoria

ANIMALS’ ANGELS observe approx 38000 sheep and lambs for sale. We do not observe any unfit sheep in sale pens – the ‘unfit to load’ animals have been placed in other pens. We noted that the vendors used ramps provided to unload their sheep. More sheep than acceptable have been forced into many sale pens and in one sale pen there are so many animals that those on the ground are unable to stand. This is a serious animal welfare matter which is generally ignored but one that occurs at most yards. The DPI is in attendance but fail to take action even after we bring this serious problem to their attention. Apart from one driver most appear to be loading to a reasonable density. On the truck in question there are an over density of animals on the lower decks that in some pens the animals have no room to rise unassisted. We try to raise this with the driver but he is not interested.