13.03.2014 | Poland, Inspection of a Horse Husbandry

In response to a dramatic phone call, Animals’ Angels partner Viva! Interwencje intervenes to help the suffering horse Sibia.

She bears several open, festering wounds at her back, nose and neck as the result of an ingrown halter which she was put on more than a year ago. She is still a young foal and as she kept growing the halter kept growing inwards into her flesh and put increasing pressure on her bones leading to a severe deformation of her nasal bone and rendering food intake impossible.

The owner, compelled by the police, removed the halter a few days before but left the enormous wounds completely untreated. A fact that adds up to the disturbing nature of this intervention it that the owner is a veterinarian. He also keeps 5 other horses chained in the middle of a plain field without any shelter and a German shepherd dog in a small cage out in the open.

The team takes away Sibia and the dog Misia and initiates the owner’s prosecution. A complaint is also filed to the Veterinary Chamber, aiming at the revokation of the veterinarian’s license. Sibia now recovers at a specialist horse clinic. Without the intervention she would have died of suffocation or starvation soon.