14.03.2015 | Mers El Kheir Animal Market

In 2006, Animals‘ Angels visited Mers El Kheir animal market for the first time. The market is one of the largest 'souks' near the Moroccan capital Rabat where thousands of animals are sold and slaughtered every Saturday.

The conditions for the animals are horrible. For years, we have not been able to forget the images of our first visit, but back then we just haven’t had the possibility to start a project in Morocco. However, in August 2014 we started our first Animal Day in Mers El Kheir. Together with a large team equipped with water, feed, medication, bits, holsters and animal welfare leaflets we visited the market to, at least for one day, bring relief to the animals and set an example of good human-animal relationship.

Last week we had an appointment with the mayor as we sought his help to organize an animal welfare workshop at the market. But when we visited the market again today, the conditions seemed to be worse than ever. Our idea to show people here a better way of handling animals suddenly seems to be an impossible task. Also very discouraging is the fact that one of our cameras along with money, credit cards and documents have been stolen at the market.

We don’t know yet how to achieve improvements for the animals here, but we will try and hope the workshop will come into being.