14.06.2016 | Agricultural Minister of Germany Defends Tie-Stalls / Animals’ Angels Addresses 630 Members of Parliament

Two years ago we started our project against tie-stalls of cattle. In April 2016 the topic has reached the highest political level as the Federal Council asked the German parliament to draft and pass a law to ban tie-stalls.

However, to our greatest disappointment, German agricultural minister announced recently: “The arrangements concerning tie-stalls shall remain untouched”.

We are not giving up and are sending our brochure “The dignity of cows” together with additional material concerning tie-stalls to all 630 members of the German parliament and request the long overdue ban of this outdated keeping system.

Even on a sunny day in June like today, every 4th German cow is tethered inside a barn. To these highly sociable and active animals this means life long suffering.