16.07.2016 | Inspection of Calarasi Animal Market

Animals´ Angels visits the weekly market of Calarasi: today piglets and adult pigs are traded together with rabbits and pigeons. Outside the walls of the market, three men sell ducklings, little quails and chickens despite a national law forbidding to sell birds at public gatherings.

While Animals´ Angels inspectors start observing the animals displayed by the vendors, sow Suflet screams while being moved from a vehicle to a cart. Her upper jaw is tied to the wooden cart with plastic string and she moans loudly while being moved. The wire tied tightly around her muzzle causes her pain, even more when the horse cart is moving.

People’s habits are hard to change, yet we notice something new today: there is a veterinarian at the entrance of the market’s animal sector checking the animals’ identities, conditions and health certificates. Still a lot has to be done to stop the abuse of animals at markets in Romania and of pigs in particular, but Animals´ Angels will continue searching ways to raise awareness on the needs of animals to improve the relation between them and humans.