19.01.2012 – 21.01.2012 | Turkey | Kapikule

Animals’ Angels inspects a transport of lambs from Bulgaria to Turkey. The Bulgarian veterinarians permitted this long-distance transport to cross the outside EU border although it did not meet the animal protection regulations: there are 51 too many lambs on the transport and the 2nd and 3rd load levels of the truck are set up so that the animals cannot reach the drinking system. Since the transport also has a problem with its customs papers the animals have to wait at the Turkish border under these conditions before the journey to Turkey is continued. When the Animals’ Angels team attempts to complain to the Turkish border veterinarian he literally slams the door in their faces. After the two-day wait the bedding in the vehicle is completely soaked and the animals are standing in a pool of urine and feces. Many of them have coughs and their noses are sticky with snot. Animals’ Angels will send a complaint to the Bulgarian ministry about this transport. However, Animals’ Angels is of the opinion that the serious animal welfare problems during transport can only be rectified if the transport times are drastically reduced to a maximum of eight hours.