19.2.2012 | Australia | Fremantle WA

ANIMALS’ ANGELS are at the port for the 2nd day of loading sheep onto the MV Al Shuwaikh. The 14 or so day journey for these animals will take them the Middle East where they will be slaughtered without pre stunning.29 transports deliver approx 18550 sheep to the ship and much of what we observe in relation to overall density is acceptable. However we document that in a number of trucks there is an uneven spread of animals in the pens, some eye infections or irritations, sheep standing on an internal ramp throughout the transport journey, and one sheep whose head is caught between two gate rails. Given very few if any drivers check the animals on each of the levels of their truck, if we were not to bring this serious animal welfare matter of the caught sheep to the attention of the driver, would he notice it when he parks? The State Animal Welfare Compliance Inspector is not present.