20.04.2012 | Bulgaria | Sofia

Animals’ Angels meets the Bulgarian Chief Veterinary Officer to talk about the problems concerning the veterinary inspections at the Bulgarian border inspection post Kapitan Andreovo. All live animal transports on their way to Turkey must be examined by veterinarians at Kapitan Andreovo before leaving the EU. So far the Bulgarian veterinarians have primarily looked at the freight documents and have paid little attention to the animals. Recently they have started to check if the total transport time until the EU-border is within the maximum allowed, and they order an unloading of the animals if necessary. This is a positive development.  However, the long distance transports very often show other deficiencies which the veterinarians do not object to, such as insufficient ceiling heights, malfunctioning troughs, overloading, etc. The Bulgarian Chief Veterinary Officer promises to take care that all aspects of animal welfare are considered during border checks in the future. Animals’ Angels is going to verify this on location.