23.12.2015 | Inspecting Voinesti Animal Market

Voinesti is a village in the county of Dambovita, north Bucharest, with about 7.000 inhabitants. Animals’ Angels checks the local market where general goods are sold.

During Christams, one would expect to find a large quantity of animals to be sold at the separeted area dedicated to animal trade, at the bottom of the gathering. A sow and two pigs are displayed on board of a van parked inside the fenced area, where a veterianarian stands at the entrance. Twelve smaller pigs are displayed in two wooden carts and a policeman helps to monitor the animal area. The veterinarian checks whether the legislation concerning animal markets is enforced and is physically present everytime the market takes place.

Animals’ Angels is positively impressed to find that at least only a small number of animals are transported and that the municipality takes the issue of animals seriously and assign a veterinarian to be in charge of monitoring the market.