24.07.2015 | Inspection of Animal Husbandry

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals' Angels, assisted by local police and a representative of the local community council, inspects a cattle and poultry farm. The owner, an elderly lady, keeps 28 cows, including calves, bred for fattening, goats, poultry, cats and dogs.

The stabling conditions for the cows are horrific, manure is knee-deep and the animals lack constant water access. Some of the cows require hoof correction. To the teams's surprise, the owner seems not to know what hoof correction is.

The pasture is full of dangerous items and when the animals want to enter the barn, they have to wade in deep mud and manure. When the team enters a garage where geeselings are kept, they almost slip on the thick layer of birds' excrements. They discover several dead birds, some of them dead for weeks, and one very weak lying in the food bowl, unable to move. The team confiscates the bird immediately. He is put in a safe transport box and secured.

The owner is given precise instructions with a short deadline on how to improve the stabling conditions, but she does not seem to understand even the slightest bit of what is being said.

The small geese is named Joseph and taken to a veterinary clinic immediately, where the vets discover that one of his legs is probably broken. He will be given every treatment neccessary to save his life. While still on the road, the team contacts the local city council and veterinary service in order to initiate administrative procedure that will result either in improving the conditions or confiscating all animals. Prosecution of the owner will also be initiated. The case will be further monitored.