26.04.2014 | Poland, Cattle Market Bodzentyn

Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels inspects the cattle market in Bodzentyn.

Apart from "regular" law violations like overgrown hooves, unmilked cows and wounds and scratches, the team witnesses two cases of bulls getting stuck over a tether rail. One of the bulls falls on its back. The farmers use sticks, fists and electric prods to lift the animals. Besides, the team witnesses and documents a case of kicking a cow in her udder, done casually while walking the cow to the truck.

Another example for the disregard of the law of Bodzentyn’s authorities is that a calf is loaded in the streets into a crate on an open car trailer.

All evidence gathered in the course of the inspection will be used to support our plan already set in motion: to ban animal markets in Poland.