28.03.2012 | Spain | Torrelavega

Animals’ Angels and the Spanish animal welfare organization Anda inspect the weekly cattle and horse market in Torrelavega. The reason for the inspection is that the farmers do not milk their “dairy” cows offered for sale even the day before the sale and artificially seal their udders so that milk cannot leak out. The farmers do this to have the udders look as full as possible in order to extol the cows’ alleged high milk output. The animals suffer great pain due to this sales practice, but that does not appear to matter. Anda and Animals’ Angels have both submitted complaints about this to the market management and the regional government on several occasions. Both promised to take action, but nothing has happened yet. At least the market management has now put up large warning signs at the market pointing out that sealing udders is prohibited and that the cows must be milked every 12 hours. Regardless, the farmers do not observe the prohibition. Anda and Animals’ Angels assume that some time will be needed to enforce the rule and will therefore continue to inspect the market.