28.05.2014 | Visiting new Saleyard in Katanning

Animals’ Angels are invited to attend the new $A23M under cover yard which has been built to sell sheep. The yard has 1012 pens and is capable of trading 1.5 million sheep annually.  This yard is the only one in Australia with water toughs in all pens which is a positive welfare step, one that is not before time. 

There are 20000 sheep for sale today although this facility has room for 45000. We check all selling pens and observe two sheep that present with blood around their horns. In each case the horn has broken off and the small sensitive bud is exposed. One sheep keeps his head above the others which indicates the area is still painful. In our opinion because the broken horn is a ‘condition which may cause harm during transport’, both of these animals should be removed and treated before being reassessed for fitness to transport. We will discuss this matter with DAFWA and the manager.

There is no visible water flowing through the troughs and many of the pens are ‘packed’ with sheep to the point whereby they cannot move. So we met with the person responsible and ask that they reduce the numbers in the pens especially when it is hot and ensure water is running through the troughs.

In the “no commercial value” pen are approx 40 sheep which present with cancers, lameness, swellings, leg and facial deformities, arthritis and one with a torn ear. The regulating authority is present and together we discuss and decide what sheep will be shot and what sheep is fit to be transported. Those who are fit will be sent on a truck over 3 hours to the knackery - their lives ended as pet food.