29.01.2016 | Re-Inspection of Farm in Stanislawow

The team of Viva! Interwencje, on behalf of Animals’ Angels, re-inspects a farm in Stanislawow. On the team's request, the inspection is carried out together with the local veterinary service, city council officials, local police and municipal guards.

The maintenance conditions for the cows, hens and the dog have not improved at all. The layer of manure inside the stable is way too thick and the animals are neglected and dirty. All of them lack water access. There is trash, plastic bags and dangerous items all over the property. The cows are seen tearing up and swallowing pieces of plastic. Four of them seem severely underfed, what might be the result of eating plastic.

At the spot, the county veterinarian declares to support the the notion already submitted by Viva! to the local city council, demanding to confiscate the animals. We expect the due procedure to be initiated immediately. The prosecution of the owner, started by Viva!, is already on track.