30.03.2012 | Spain| Pola de Siero

Animals’ Angels presents the guidelines for assessing the fitness for transport of adult cattle at the annual convention of the Spanish market association ASEMGA. ASEMGA had 5,000 copies of the guidebook printed for this occasion in order to distribute them to the market users. The Spanish markets have made great efforts over the past years to improve their animal welfare standards, particularly in light of the animals’ fitness for transport. Being at market always means additional stress for the animals, which would be absolutely avoidable. The only benefit of a market from an animal welfare perspective is that the market provides a forum for inspections and raising awareness among market users. Therefore, Animals’ Angles welcomes this repeated initiative on the part of ASEMGA very much and hopes that, as long as animal markets exist, they will continue their work along these lines and make a contribution toward improving animal welfare in Spain.