31.07.2014 | Education Campaign in Villages in Narsapuram

Animals‘ Angels visits several villages in the region of Narsapuram. Calves from this area are still being brought and donated to the temple of Simhachalam.

Our team advises the villagers on the new regulation which implies that no more donated calves are being accepted at the temple. In February 2014, together with our partner VSPCA, we were able to convince the temple authority to not accept any more calves.

Instead, little cow statues can now be donated as symbolic offering. With our education campaign we save the calves from being transported to the temple over long distance. We also inform the villagers on animal welfare issues at markets and the suffering of the animals destined to slaughter.

Out team answers questions and points out alternatives, for example, the construction of a local village-Goshala, a shelter for old animals.