Egypt: Our Vets Fight Against Violence and Chaos During the Unloadings at Birqash Market

Our veterinary team is back with the camels at the market in Birqash near Cairo. Omar and Eslam again stay all night to supervise the unloading of the camels. Most of the animals have been transported for a long time, sometimes for weeks. The situation at the market is once again difficult and tense.

It is chaotic and crowded: workers and traders are everywhere with their sticks. Omar and Eslam are surprised by the large number of transports arriving tonight. The workers and traders are in a hurry. They unload the camels in a rush and without using the unloading ramps. However, our veterinary team intervenes as best they can and tries tirelessly to convince them not to use force.

Most of the camels arriving at the market very exhausted. Some of them do not survive the long journey. Hafid is one of the many camels arriving at the market tonight. He is dead tired and is beaten and forced to stand up. Omar and Eslam react immediately and can convince the workers to give Hafid enough time to rest. Our veterinary team spends the whole night at the market to be with the animals. They provide the exhausted camels with first aid, food and water.

Here, from the office in Frankfurt, we hope to be able to travel to Egypt soon to support our veterinary team on-site.