Animal Suffering at Easter: Romania Allows Lambs and Goats to be Slaughtered Directly at Farms


This year, in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic, the Romanian veterinary authority is allowing lambs and goats to be slaughtered directly on the 'producers' farms. According to the authority, the rules on hygiene and animal welfare must be complied with. However, it is not clear how this is to be done. That is why a few days ago, together with Animals International, we called on the EU Commission and the Romanian veterinary authority ANSVSA to stop this madness.

Because on animal markets in Romania we have already seen how these slaughters will be carried out: by force and without sufficient stunning. We have documented this time and again in recent years at Easter and Christmas. Just as at the markets, there will be no area-wide controls by veterinarians at the farms. Because there is a lack of personnel for this – it is simply not possible.

Some media in Romania have already taken up our joint press release:

(Photo: Archive 2019)