Animal Transports at Easter: A Torture for Lambs from Hungary on Their way to Italy

Animal Transport at Easter

Animals' Angels controls lamb transports before Easter. Early in the morning we meet a truck at a gas station. We take the opportunity to check on the animals. Inside it is very cramped. The animals come from Hungary and are transported to four different slaughterhouses in central and southern Italy. We decide to follow the animals to their destination.

While the transport seemed reasonable to the authorities at the check-in, in reality it turns out to be a real ordeal for the animals: the permitted transport times are long exceeded due to the long distance. The unloading at the first destination is incredibly rough. The animals are sometimes being grabbed by the legs and dragged. At the next destination, the animals have to wait until unloading the next morning. They stand overnight at temperatures as low as -1 °C on dirty and damp straw, cramped in confinement. Gyémánt does not survive the night. The two-month-old lamb probably died in its sleep. The other lambs arrive at the slaughterhouse hungry, thirsty and exhausted - after 2,100 kilometers - to die here for the Easter traditions of the people.