Animal Transports at Easter: Lambs Suffer in Overcrowded Trucks on Four Decks

Also this year, Animals' Angels is there with the lambs before Easter and documents as many animal transports as possible. One by one they drive past us. In over 9,000 eyes we look in just a few days: the 'business' with the animal children is flourishing.

To increase profit, as many lambs as possible are loaded onto the trucks. This has bad consequences for the animal children: In the confinement, the risk to be trampled by the other animals rises substantially. In fact, we find several animals that cannot get up on their own. For at least two lambs any help comes too late, they are already dead. We find other lambs with their head or legs trapped in gaps: although we can free them with the help of the drivers, due to the faulty construction of the transports it takes only a few minutes in one case until another lamb is trapped.

The police, alerted by Animals' Angels, stops some transports and imposes sanctions for low ceilings and overloading. This is to discourage the transporters from transporting the lambs under such illegal conditions. But first and foremost, the buyers and organisers of these transports as well as the responsible veterinary offices must also be called to account. Animals' Angels files a complaint.