Animal Transports at Easter: Many Transporters Implement new Requirements of the Romanian Veterinary Authorities, but...

Lamb Transport Italy

After our outreach for the Easter lambs two weeks ago in Italy, we are now in Greece - around the Orthodox Easter. Countless lambs are transported here for the holidays, mainly from Romania.

We are happy to see that the transporters are implementing the new requirements of the Romanian veterinary authorities: The transports we inspected mainly travel with three instead of four loading levels. The animals have more space above their heads. The air can circulate better and is significantly less stuffy.

But for the transport companies, the lack of loading levels also means less profit. To compensate, they squeeze as many lambs as possible into the remaining tiers - again breaking the law. We are checking and documenting as many transports as possible and drawing the attention of the authorities to this new problem. They must now act urgently in the interests of the lambs!