Animal Transports at Easter: We Inspect Lamb Transports in Italy and Slovenia

Lamb Transport at Easter

Animals' Angels is on investigation in the days before Easter for the lambs on transports in Slovenia and Italy. In the process, we inspect a total of nine animal transports from Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The baby animals in the trucks are no more than three months old.

The Romanian authorities have actually made some efforts recently: Since last year, they have stipulated that lambs may only be transported on a maximum of three levels instead of four. Of seven trucks from Romania, four are actually complying with the new decree. Hopefully there will be more in the future! In addition, they have recently accepted another demand from us: they now also prescribe a minimum amount of space for the young lambs. The corresponding paragraph in the EU laws is in fact unclearly worded.

It will certainly take some time before these efforts also reach the animals on the transports. To ensure that this happens, we are following up with our checks at Easter and keeping up the pressure on the transporters and authorities. And we urge other countries to follow Romania's example.