Animal Transports During Easter: Animal Children on the way to the Slaughterhouse

Easter Transports

In the week before Easter we are on in Italy with the 'Easter' lambs. More than 100,000 are transported here before the holidays. We control a total of 13 animal transports with almost 9,000 lambs. Our hearts are heavy. Two to three-month-old baby animals look out at us from the transports. Hardly on the world, they are to be killed already again.

In some cases, the police carry out checks together with official veterinarians. In the course of the week they issue a total of 15,000 euros in fines. Because often there is a lack of space or water troughs in the transports. Many of the baby lambs are penned up on the way to the slaughterhouse for 20 to 30 hours - without being able to drink.

Nevertheless, we have the impression that some transport companies have improved in the last ten years and that the conditions for the animals are improving. Unfortunately, in the animal business, changes always come in very small increments. As always, the violations we document flow into complaints against the transport companies and the countries involved in the trade. So that hopefully one day many small steps can become a big change.